Keep Harriet Tregoning and Gabe Klein

Dear Mayor-elect Gray,

We read with dismay a recent letter from the Committee of 100 asking you to replace Harriet Tregoning and Gabe Klein on the grounds that they haven't solicited public input. We feel this is entirely false, and encourage you to retain both of them in your administration or even promote Ms. Tregoning.

Harriet Tregoning has overseen complex plans including a number of neighborhood plans and a complex rewrite of the District's entire zoning code. Contrary to some claims, Ms. Tregoning and her department have solicited copious feedback from residents at all stages of a project, including 166 individual public meetings to date just on the zoning rewrite. The zoning proposals actually advance all the goals stated by the Committee in its letter, including protecting existing neighborhood character and ensuring green space. Neighborhood plans like the recent Mount Pleasant revitalization strategy garnered enthusiastic support from all sides for the conclusions and the inclusive public process.

Under Gabe Klein's leadership, DDOT has developed an unprecedented level of competence and efficiency while still including many opportunities for public involvement. DDOT is successfully completing more projects with fewer staff than ever before. He has also pushed hard to accommodate requests from preservationists, such as pushing transit vehicle manufacturers to aggressively pursue research into wireless streetcar technology. While some departments could still do better in their public outreach, this is not a new problem with DDOT. Since Mr. Klein took over, DDOT's public outreach has improved greatly, and we believe that keeping him in his post is the best way to continue that progress.

Both Harriet Tregoning and Gabe Klein have made the District of Columbia a better place for all residents, rich and poor, black and white, old and young, parents, singles, empty nesters and more. We hope you will keep the District moving forward by keeping Mr. Klein at DDOT and by either retaining Ms. Tregoning as head of OP or promoting her to Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

Thank you,
The Committee of Far More Than 100

For more information, see the Commitee of 100's letter and Greater Greater Washington's response.

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